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Free Instagram Followers – How to get it?

Getting free Instagram followers is easy using AsiaCube, the best free social exchanges site! Instagram is new rising social networks that focusing on photos sharing using this two smartphone operation system, Android and Apple iOS. Just like Twitter, the more followers you have, more popular you are on that social networks. People are getting excited to get more Instagram followers but what is the easiest ways to get free Instagram followers fast?

free instagram followers

AsiaCube is the new rising social networks exchanges site. The site has many exchanges features such as Facebook likes exchanges or free Twitter followers exchanges. Instagram is the latest social networks that available for exchanges on AsiaCube. By having Instagram module, that mean user on AsiaCube can start exchanges for Instagram followers and getting free Instagram followers fast!

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

First you must become member at AsiaCube site. New user can register the account here. Just complete the registration process and login to your AsiaCube account.

Free Instagram Followers – How to get it?

After successfully login to AsiaCube account, to get free Instagram followers you must add Instagram account to AsiaCube module. To add the Instagram followers, you must follow this simple step:

Adding Instagram Pages – Free Instagram Followers

1. Click the Add Pages under Account Manager

add pages - free instagram followers
Go to Account Manager and Add Page

2.  From the Drop menu button, select the Instagram Followers Module

select page - free instagram followers
Click drop menu button and select Instagram Followers

3.  Add your Instagram username and set the CPC for your page.

add username - free instagram followers
Add Instagram username and set CPC

4. Click Add Pages and you done :) You will start recieving free Instagram followers from another user.

How to follows others Instagram account and gain coins?

Get AsiaCube Coins

AsiaCube work on concept exchanges the followers. The exchanges is done by using coins system. Without AsiaCube coins you will not receive any followers.  To receive coins, you must follow another user Instagram account on AsiaCube website.

  1. Open the new browser tab and  Login to your Instagram account.
  2. Go Back to your AsiaCube user panel.
  3. Go to Earn Coins section.
  4. Click the Instagram Followers module.
  5. Click “Follow” on another user page.
  6. On the Pop-up windows, click Follows.
  7. Close the Pop Windows manually.
  8. If you do everything right you will receive coins, to get more free Instagram followers.

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        1. 1. Login into your AsiaCube account
          2. Go to Account Manager
          3. Add Page
          4. Under drop-down menu, choose Instagram follower
          5. Fill in all information. Add your Instagram username.
          6. Dont add private account because we will remove it.

      1. How do you use the coins though? I have 304 coins but don’t know where to go to exchange coins for Instagram followers.

  1. How do you get followers from having coins? Because I have 45 coins and I have yet to receive any followers

  2. I’ ve added my page and i have over 200 coins but i’ve not gained any followers yet, when will i start gaining?

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