Melayu Boleh

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Melayu boleh is a famous internet keyword when internet is still new at Malaysia. The history reason behind this is,  Melayu Boleh is actually the website with domain Melayu Boleh with TLD, if not mistaken .net. The Melayu Boleh website is popular during that time because it is the ‘only one source’  Malaysian pornography website that featuring Malay women.

melayu boleh women
Melayu Boleh – This is the right example Melayu women
Photo Credit: esmar.abdulhamid

Melayu Boleh Nowadays

After Melayu Boleh website becoming too popular, the Malaysia government is then know the existent of Melayu Boleh website. After that the website has been shut down.  However the Melayu Boleh legacy is still continue around internet.  Many new website is trying to replicate the original Melayu Boleh website and use this keyword to drive traffic from search engine, mostly related to pornography.

Melayu Boleh

Melayu Boleh SEO

For many year back, there are several SEO contest has been held to rank the keyword ‘Melayu Boleh’ in search engine. The main objective of the contest is mainly to get rid of pornography element when people are searching for Melayu Boleh on internet.

The original meaning of Melayu Boleh can be translated closely into this: Malayu Is Great!! For your information, Melayu is the majority race at Malaysia country.

Melayu Boleh - Melayu is Great
Melayu Boleh! Great Melayu Warrior with Keris

However until nowadays, it seen that, the first page of Google search engine result for Melayu Boleh keyword (Including Google search) is still flooded with pornography element. There is only a few website that can rank the keyword Melayu Boleh well with the good content without any pornography element.

Rank #1 for Melayu Boleh Keyword

The mission on this article is tried to play with SEO and rank at least first page for queries / search Melayu Boleh at local Malaysia Google. With good on-page SEO and solid AsiaCube blog SEO stats (DA/PA/PR/Ages/Backlinks), I think this will not become too difficult job.

SEO Melayu Boleh
SEO Melayu Boleh

The artikel written to rank Melayu Boleh keyword is written in English. So this will become the case study. How do Google threat the English article that want to rank with another language keyword. Do the results will be same as article is written in keyword language?

We will only know the answers for that question, if this article can rank well for Melayu Boleh keyword.

A Brief Strategy to Rank Melayu Boleh Keyword

Actually there is no complicated SEO strategy to rank this Melayu Boleh keyword. There will be only 2 phase; doing nothing phase & backlink time phase.

melayu boleh -  do nothing
Do nothing for Melayu Boleh SEO – just sit back & have a nice coffee

For ‘doing  nothing’ phase the article is  posted on this blog without any backlink or social signal job. All will be natural. If the article can reach first page for Search Queries Melayu Boleh, that is good!

For ‘backlink time phase’ there will be backlinking job. All type of backlink will be used, include manual and automation backlinking process that focusing to rank melayu boleh to the top spot at search engine result page.

Melayu Boleh SEO Contest 2013

For me the SEO contest to rank Melayu Boleh keyword is a good idea and intention.  Thanks to organizer Beritakaki Online and all sponser for this good event.  Here is the full list of sponser:

The main purpose of this artice is not only to win the SEO competition but also helps to clean the Melayu Boleh search result from pornography element. I hope this article can do the job well and importantly 1st page for Search Queries  Melayu Boleh.

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    I do hope that with this effort, we can rule out those porno sites with good content and info about melayu specifically. Good luck!

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    Hasil carian cukup tinggi untuk kata-kunci ini…

    Kami juga berminat untuk ‘membersihkan’ kata-kunci ini.


    Tim SEO Malaysia

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    Wow! Hebat antara top rangking untuk ‘Melayu Boleh’

    Kami juga telah menerbitkan artikel tentang ‘Melayu Boleh’.
    Tetapi hanya peserta diluar penyertaan sahaja.. :-)
    Sekadar menghangatkan lagi cabaran..


    Amin Johar
    Jurutera SEO Malaysia